The model below contains the basic sub-systems or components of a Rainwater Collection System (RWCS).   Each RWCS is designed & tailored to site and customer needs.

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1.  Catchment surface – The RWCS usually starts with a roof.  The roof is one of the main components in calculating the amount of rainwater that can be collected and is a key components of system size .  The following formula can be used when calculating the approximate potential of collected rainwater.

Potential Rainwater collection (gal) = Catchment area (ft²) X Rainfall depth (in.) X 0.623
A 1,000 sq. ft. roof in a 1″ rain event has the potential to collect 623 gallons of rainwater 
To calculate the annual potential of your RWCS you’ll need to know the annual average precipitation for your area and insert this number in rainfall depth.  In the  central Texas region you can use 34″.  This number is an average over the last 30 years.  The above 1,000 sq. ft. roof could potentially collect 21,182 gallons of FREE Rainwater annually!  If you are not in this area use the precipitation map below.










2.  The Conveyance sub-system consists of several details including gutters, covers, pre-filtration & trunkline.  The trunkline can be dry or wet depending on a few factors such as size & complexityproperty topography, economics & customer desire & esthetics.  The above model depicts a wet trunk-line.  Most high capacity systems (10K & higher) deploy a wet trunkline.

3. The Storage tank can be the most visible and is the most expensive component in a RWCS.   Tanks and cisterns can be made of many materials, sizes & shapes.  The most common & economical tanks are Polyethylene or other plastic materials.  Small (2,500 -5,000 gallons) poly tanks are very popular due their cost & ease of installation.   Systems above 5,000 gallons are usually made from metal, fiberglass, concrete & steel and sometimes a combination of these materials.

RDS installs tanks and/or cisterns made from a variety of materials.   RDS can partner with an Engineering firm to supply concrete tanks or cisterns that would be configured & tailored to  customer specific needs.

RDS is a current partner with the following metal tank manufacturers

RDS utilizes the above manufacturers in RWCS that are 10K – 60K gallons

RDS procures Poly tanks from different manufacturers.  Some include but are not limited to; Nationwide, Bushman, Norwesco & Poly-Mart.

4.  Distribution system – This sub-system can be as simple as a gravity fed hose or as sophisticated as a pressurized pump servicing multiple points of use.   In potable systems, post filtration & UV lighting are configured to meet NSF-61 drinking water specifications.

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