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Free Budgetary Estimate

Your future RWCS begins with an estimate from us!

If you would like a free budgetary estimate to assist you in the planning of your project please complete the form & RDS will return this estimate within 2 days of your submittal.

Cost Estimates

If the customer requires a more detailed cost estimate, RDS  can visit the site and attain specific system information.  RDS on-site cost estimates can take approximately 1.5 hrs depending upon the availability of the customer and the complexity of the RWCS.  This cost estimate is offered starting at $250.  Travel costs are added if the site is beyond a 25 mile radius of Wimberley TX.  This estimate will be delivered to customer within 3 days after our visit.


An RDS design consists of a cost estimate, a site layout and a project description document outlining the overall system &  detailing the sub-systems.

Designs can be purchased separately allowing flexibility to customers that choose to procure & install or to sub-out the different sub-systems.  Typically, the design is included in the cost of an installed RWCS by RDS.  Cost for designs vary and are very dependent upon the complexity of the RWCS.


RDS personnel install approximately 85% of the RWCS system.  Gutters and the potable connections are the only two sub-systems that are sourced out.  RDS is responsible for the whole RWCS installation and stands behind the operational warranty of the system for a period of 2 years.  Full warranty details provided upon request.


RDS offers consulting services especially to those individuals or businesses looking for future planning.  Consulting services are also offered to those customers who chose to install their own RWCS and need an occasional “expert check” during the installation process.  Consulting charges vary due to the  needs of the customer.  A 2 hour consulting fee may be waived if RDS receives the project.  Hourly and daily rates are available.


A maintenance service is offered to each customer after a RWCS is completed.  The cost of this service is dependent upon the complexity of the RWCS and its proximity to Wimberley, TX. 

RDS offers a 1 month free maintenance service after completion of each system.  Customer may purchase a maintenance/service agreement from RDS. 

RDS may consider the maintenance of a system that it did not design or install.


Inspections are offered to customers who have existing systems.  Inspections are also available to those in the real estate business.  Future property owners may require an inspection service of the property’s RWCS functionality & overall status. This service provides functional verification of every sub-system.  This inspection service also provides an overall grade against the original design intent and the mechanical specifications of the pump & post filtration sub-systems.  Cost is dependent upon the complexity of the system and its proximity to Wimberley, TX.


RDS  provides repairs to all customers with an existing RWCS.  Repairs may be required to guttering,  downspouts, pre-filtration, tanks,  pumps, & post filtration systems. Cost is dependent upon the complexity of the sub-system and its proximity to Wimberley, TX.