Frontal Pump House & Tank

Rainwater is one of our most precious resources. Over the last 30 years, this central Texas region has received an average of 34” annual rainfall.  As our region’s population continues to grow, it becomes clear that we must become better stewards of this precious resource; therefore, we must include Rainwater in all future planning!

RDS, GM – Tony Magaña

Welcome to our website

You are here because you’re looking for help with the planning, design, or installation of a Rainwater Collection System. You may also be looking for someone to help you in the maintenance or even the inspection of an existing system. In any case, you’ve come to the right place!

You are welcome to look and learn about Rainwater Collection or Harvesting.  Together we can build a Rainwater Collection System and take advantage of this valuable resource for our families & community!

Our experience

We are currently in the 3rd year of doing business. The principal of the business, Mr. Tony Magaña, has been designing and installing Rainwater Collection Systems (RWCS) for the last five years; He has helped friends and family reach their RWCS goals.  Tony has also attained the education and completed the required projects to be recognized as an ARCSA AP (Accredited Professional).ARCSA_Accredited-_Professional

Tony’s professional background includes 27 years in the Aviation & Aerospace Industry.  His expertise in Quality Assurance benefits customers by attaining a high quality product.

What we offer

RDS offers Design, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection and Consulting.  These products & services are offered to homeowners, builders, ranchers, real-estate &  business professionals, local municipalities, and regional government agencies.

We offer free estimates within a 20 mile radius of Wimberley, TX.Accredited Business Seal in PMS 7469 horiz