Why Collect Rain Water?

Rainwater Collection Systems; Design, Installation,  Maintenance & Repair

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Rainwater Collection Services

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  • Consulting businesses
  • Future planning
  • DIY System Installs.


  • A maintenance and repair services
  • Systems of varying complexities
  • Dependent upon proximity to Wimberley, TX.


  • Tank cleaning
  • Trunk-line flushing
  • Gutter cleaning


  • Consists of a cost estimate
  • Site layout based on physical location
  • Detailed project documentation

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RDS is a current partner with the above metal tank manufacturers

What Is An RWCS (Rain Water Collection System)?

Catchment surface or Roof
The Conveyance sub-system consists of several details including gutters, covers, pre-filtration & trunkline.
The Storage tank can be the most visible and is the most expensive component in a RWCS.
Distribution system -This sub-system can be as simple as a gravity fed hose or as sophisticated as a pressurized pump
The Potable system filters & disinfects the rain into drinking water!

The model above contains the basic sub-systems or components of a Rainwater Collection System (RWCS). Each RWCS is designed & tailored to site and customer needs.

What Is It For?

A Rain Water Collection System, or “RWCS” for short, is designed to harness & maintain precipitation from a local environment. This can be for a variety of reasons, but ultimately the goal is to have usable water at the ready.

Get Ready For The Rain!

Rainwater is one of our most precious resources. Over the last 30 years, this central Texas region has received an average of 34” annual rainfall. As our region’s population continues to grow, it becomes clear that we must become better stewards of this precious resource; therefore, we must include Rainwater in all future planning!

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